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Securely - Swiss punctual Project and Case Timing for Global and local Customers

When it comes to timing, the Swiss have reached such a level of perfection that they can amazingly control that. Look at our trains, buses, trams, State protocols, etc.

On the other side, if you order any kind of project, you will have results and security & intel agents in being punctual the Swiss way.

Let us take an example of the investigation services, in which TAT is usually 15 days, but it depends on the services you have ordered, some Cyber Investigations results are available after 72 hours, and some address verifications with an express fee are available in 24 hours. We will give you the datum and time for report delivery, but we deliver most of our reporting before the given datum and time. Many of our Customers say VIVA Switzerland.

On this website, which is a digital platform for Swiss Security Solutions LLC, you may order single services and integral services (all in one from one hand), such as:

- Security & Protection Services

- Investigation & Intelligence Services

- Business Intelligence

- Global Compliance & FININT

- Cyber Security, Cyber Safety, Cyber Investigations

- Safety HSE Services incl. Fire Protection & Fire Prevention

- Global Defence Solutions and Gov. Brokering Services

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