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Safety HSE Services

Safety HSE Services

As a cornerstone for safety, there needs to be a commitment to safety on the part of the company's management. The safety management system is built on this. The company management commits to taking safety seriously in the company and providing the necessary resources for it. We support you in the realization of safety solutions (occupational safety and health protection) in all phases of development and implementation: from the concept phase, with consulting services as well as training and further education, with regard to safety audits as well as HSE audits.

Safety in the workplace is always a major issue. Although a company is certified according to the ISO 45001 standard, this does not mean that they comply with the legal requirements in Switzerland (e.g. EKAS Directive 6508, UVG, ArG, etc.). Fire safety regulations must be implemented and controlled at all times in fire-risk areas, and escape and emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. Last year, the authorities incl. SUVA registered a total of around 814000 accidents in Switzerland (work and leisure accidents). Are you sure that you and your employees are safe? Have you taken all necessary and required measures?

We will be happy to help you with our Safety HSE Services:

1) External Safety Officer - SIBE Fire Protection;

2) External Safety Officer - SIBE Occupational Health & Safety;

3) Preparation of a safety concept & fire protection concept;

4) Risk analysis HSE (occupational health & safety and environment);

5) Preparation of Safety Rules for SMEs and Corporations;

6) Preparation of evacuation documentation and execution of evacuation exercises;

7) Preparation of an HSE manual or SGA concept for companies according to the ISO standard 45001:2018;

8) Lone Worker Safety Management Solutions;

9) Safety-Audit and HSE Audit in mandate, object, project or construction project;

10) Environmental protection improvement;

We offer the following additional safety services:

  • Management training (responsibility, laws, motivation, safety as a management task, philosophy of prevention, etc.)

  • Training for team leaders: (responsibility, laws, safety system, audits, etc.)

  • Training of the following safety instruments: hazard portfolio, safety talk, event clarification, STOP principle, risk assessment, audits, and inspections

  • Crisis management: training of the crisis team for its responsibilities and tasks

Securely Swiss - Swiss Security Solutions is a company that is insured with SUVA. SUVA is the independent public law enterprise for accident insurance and occupational disease insurance that supports us in our tasks. We carry out the Health & Safety risk analyses in accordance with SUVA's instructions on risk assessment and risk reduction for security specialists and security engineers.  


An information and question? Employers or the owners and users of buildings and facilities are responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of persons (e.g. employees, customers, visitors, suppliers, craftsmen, etc.) in their area of responsibility (cf. e.g. Labour Law Art. 6 or VKF Fire Protection Standard, Art. 19, Para. 2). This also includes ensuring that people can be adequately evacuated in the event of an incident. Have you taken all the necessary measures and drawn up a complete, correct safety and evacuation concept that has been tested in practice? We are ready to support you at any time. Please contact us.

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