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2023 - Security, Intelligence and Technology Trends by Securely Swiss

2023 - Security, Intelligence and Technology Trends by Securely
2023 - Security, Intelligence and Technology Trends by Securely

Entering 2023, investors, family offices, CEOs, security leaders are reviewing data from 2022 and looking at the year ahead to identify possible threats and risks on the horizon that could lead to crisis situations for their organizations.

It’s no secret that the world of security, intelligence and technology is always in a state of flux. From the ongoing threat of cyberattacks to the proliferation of new fraud schemes and the rise of deepfake technology, it’s essential for named professionals to be informed about evolving risks and stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

Read on to learn more about the latest trends and potential threats in the areas of cybersecurity, fraud, scams, and AI-enabled crime among others defined by Harvard Business Review. You may contact our professionals to find tips and support to minimize risk and prepare your organization for these challenges.

1) Recession-Related Crime Spike

2) Reduced Security Budget

3) Deepfake Fueled-Fraud

4) The Emergence of AI Enabled Crimes

5) Phishing Growth

6) Increased Risk of Damage to Brands Reputation

7) Reduced Security Labour Force

8) Increased Impact of Organized Crime

9) Escalating Geopolitical Conflict (Russia, China, Iran)

10) The Likely Red Herring - The criminal use of cryptocurrency and NFTs is likely to continue into the new year, however, 2023 will likely see increased efforts to combat existing flaws in the crypto industry. Following the FTX debacle, governments will likely be taking proactive measures to implement regulations and security protocols to control cryptocurrencies.

2023 is shaping up to be a year of significant security, investigative, intelligence and tech challenges. Global issues and cybercrime continue to be major concerns, with an increase in attacks targeting the remote workforce, and deepfake and AI technologies present new risks related to verification and authentication of everyone and everywhere.

Have questions about these trends or how Securely can help? Feel free to reach out to your customer success manager or simply contact us via Call/WhatsApp/Email.

Looking forward to assisting you.

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