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Global & Swiss Skip Tracing Services and Solutions by Securely

Skip Tracing - Locating Persons and Company
Skip Tracing - Locating Persons and Company

Smarter Searches lead to Faster, More Relevant Results. Our vast and intuitive skip-tracing tools, integrated with field teams and cyber solutions, quickly deliver the complete information you need.

A skip tracing service is used to locate an individual who has left the last known address and whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Our agents and experts, tracing specialists, use a number of methods and facilities, skip tracing techniques, software, best skip tracing tools, cyber solutions, to locate the present address of the missing individual, from software to field and cyber solutions.

The international skip tracing service can prove very successful and lucrative for the missing person when the skip trace service is required to track down a beneficiary for an estate of a deceased person who has left money to the living relatives. However, it is just as important to locate the intentionally absconded debtors in order to make them accountable for the debts they have left behind.

“Skip” generally refers to locating the “skipped” person or fugitive. “Tracing” is the act of how one finds out information (through research and databases, software, skip tracing techniques, best skip tracing tools, cyber solutions, for example). A “bounty hunter” is a person who actively goes out into the world to find (or apprehend) the individual. They may also be the skip tracer or someone else entirely.

It is generally legal to bounty hunt or skip trace provided those who are doing it follow canton, county, federal, and international data protection rules and regulations. It is in some countries still illegal to commit any crimes of trespass or impersonation (such as pretending to be a previous employer to locate protected information). However, using general ‘detective’ skills as a licensed detective is allowed. These include following up on pertinent information.

What happens when a person completely goes missing? If that person is a debtor, a wanted suspect, or simply a family member who’s somehow disappeared, or abandoned real estate, it’s imperative to locate his or her whereabouts as quickly as possible.

Locating requires a specific set of skills, skills that are developed over a long career and many years of experience. A typical skip-tracing process contains three primary phases. Whether you want to confirm the credibility of an individual or business or try to trace a missing defaulter, the best practice is to break down your search into a step-by-step process and plan of action of the skip tracing agency and/or search firm.

Recovering outstanding debt often means getting to the right party quickly, ideally before other collectors make contact. But first, you need accurate debtor information. How can you know when new phone or address information for a debtor becomes available?

The budget you need to cover the costs of skip tracing service in Switzerland is the same as in U.S.A. and U.K. between CHF 395.- and CHF 1100.- without a site visit, surveillance etc.

For a Free Quote, consultation, and step-by-step Action Plan, contact us today.

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